Mental Health

The Counseling team cares for the emotional and mental health of staff serving with SIL. We heal the mind through loving relationships, spiritual disciplines, professional counseling or medical treatment.  

While we wait for a perfect future, we try to lessen the effects of the Fall. Healing in this life is incomplete and won’t last. But we pursue that relief to right wrongs for our fellow image-bearers of God.

So, we give confidential professional counseling services to individuals, couples and families. The people we care for may have problems in working well, loving others or enjoying life. We listen to them. We help them pinpoint the root of the problem. And we help them change.

We guide in crises, give advice and train people to care for themselves and for others.

Some of our staff serve cross-cultural workers in multiple organizations and in multiple disciplines. Others serve local and expatriate staff in large SIL centers. And some counselors work in international schools.

Once every two years we bring in a professional speaker and get together for a week of renewal. We focus on relevant counseling issues and on our own spiritual health.

To join SIL, you’re a counselor or mental health specialist. You have professional credentials and training. You’re willing to read expert works and maintain your credentials.

Challenges don’t faze you, but you know when to ask for help and counseling. You’re able to work with people from other cultures and respect their trust. Your knowledge and skills lead to compassionate and ethical decisions. And most importantly, your strong faith impacts your daily actions.

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