Strategic Workforce Planning and Recruitment provides the information needed to ensure staff get assignments that fit their skills, aptitudes and abilities. Our work enables potential candidates to understand the tasks they might do and the environment in which they do them. This knowledge means better placements and fewer mismatches.

We work with staff on the field to learn what skills and people they need to meet the strategic goals for their projects. We add this information to the location realities provided by the SIL unit. SIL uses this data to recruit and place the right people in the right place.

As a workforce planner, you work with field leaders to connect their strategic planning with their workforce needs, including the number of people, the type of work and the responsibility level of the work. You will ensure SIL recruiters and recruiters in our partner organizations have the best information to find the best people.  

You have the privilege of joining a community of people who share the same passions you do—to analyze data and organize people, while building relationships. Together we are part of helping send laborers into the field.