TCK Care & Education

TCK stands for Third-Culture Kid. TC&E stands for TCK Care and Education. Our team members educate and care for staff workers’ children. We keep the children and their families healthy, safe and stable.  

First, we help TCKs know Christ, grow in Christ, serve Christ and share Christ. Then we provide educational options for their many different needs. We also support them through difficulties and trauma. Because of our work, parents don’t worry about their children’s needs and can focus on Bible translation.

In this area of service, you might work at international Christian schools in urban areas or at small, rural schools. You could live with families, in the local community or at an SIL center. You might serve as a teacher, administrator, youth worker, coordinator or tutor. You could work in Family Conversations, safeguarding support, transitions support or post-secondary care. You might write newsletters, websites or handbooks.

We’ll educate and care for you with GECO, recruitment resources, WIKI resources, websites, a staff newsletter and consultations.

So, besides loving Christ and loving kids? You’ve got to be qualified, flexible and ready to learn.

Link to an interview on Youth Ministries here