03 – Release of New Policies

Internal use only 

HR Advisory Notice 03

Date:  March 2, 2019

Subject:  Release of newly approved HR Policies and Standards

Distribution: SIL Area HR leaders: Please inform your AD’s & Unit level HR

                      Unit HR Leaders: Please inform Unit Leaders


In 2016 a new set of HR policies and standards was released. These documents were revised in their two year review cycle,  reviewed by the ELT and are now approved to be the policies and standards “in effect” in SIL. 


We have reviewed the policies within HR using the information gathered from the end users over the past two years. Eleanor and Michel have done their final review. The revisions have been discussed with the ELT and they are in process of resolving the final few questions on one or two of them.  We are specifically addressing some issues around the Email Entitlement Standard. The policies will now be posted to the Administrative Manual in the SIL Gateway. This may take a few days. 

What has stayed the same is that Policies are short statements, Standards are something that can be measured and can be used to identify where we need to build organisational capacity, and Guidelines are processes that support a Standard and can be localized to meet local needs and situations. This gives SIL Area leaders the ability to decide HOW your Area meets the Standard. However the Workplace Inquiry process can not be localized because of legal requirements. It is worth noting that the use of Standards is primarily used to identify where capacity needs to be built and NOT to find non compliance. Non compliance is normally associated with governance more than HR.

The following changed in the review:

  • Staff engagement is separated from staff wellbeing following end user input.
  • New policies were added (Ethical policy and Creation Care policy) both at the request of staff involved in grant applications as funders now expect to see such policies.
  • The Response to Staff Misconduct Standard has been revised in the light of past experience (the process document has been rewritten as well).

Actions requested of HR or SIL leaders:

  1. Please review the slide stack and make a local version if you need to contextualise it for publication and training within your local context.
  2. Please ensure all leaders and staff have bookmarked the HR section of the Administrative Manual on the SIL Gateway.
  3. Please ensure ALL HR staff and Unit leaders are trained in these new policies and standards. 

Link to Slide Stack

Link to Administrative Manual on the SIL Gateway 

Link to HR & Unit leaders Briefing  that explains in more detail the changes that have been made.

We will notify you when the changes have been completed in the SIL Gateway.

Keith Robinson   SIL Global CHRO