Tohoku International School

Curriculum: The ITS curriculum is modeled after other international school academic programs, with attention given to the comprehensive fulfillment of current academic requirements. The curriculum includes instruction in the following areas: Language arts, mathematics, social studies, science, computer skills, PE, Art, Japanese language and cultural studies. ITS offers a music program across all grades. CO-CURRICULAR: activities include basketball, touch rugby, volleyball, tennis, cooking, guitar, yearbook/student publications, community service, travel to Philippines, New Zealand, Fiji. FACILITIES: The elementary facility at Komatsushima has five classrooms, a large multi-purpose room, library, computer lab, kitchen, and offices. There is a playground with a play scape, sandbox, and small basketball/ athletic court that students use for recess and physical education classes. A nearby community park is also used for P.E. and outdoor activities. ITS middle and high school classes, grades 5-12, are located in the midst of a picturesque setting in the Izumi area of Sendai. At the ITS Izumi campus, we have seven classrooms, a computer lab, a library, and offices. We share a cafeteria, all-weather track, football fields, a driving range for golf, and tennis courts. We also have access to the baseball field, a Dojo for martial arts classes, and a weight-training room. ITS classes can also avail of the science laboratory and cooking-class facilities located on the THS campus.TIS provides a free bus service for students from the Komatsushima campus to the Izumi campus. Both campuses have a networked computer lab with Internet connections.

James Steward (Head of School)
Tuition is quoted in Japanese Yen and ranges from USD 9,510.00 to USD 12,078.00
None available
School Year
End August to mid June
Sponsoring Organization
Nanko Educational Corporation
Year Founded
Member of East Asia Council of Overseas Schools