07 – Technical Evaluation level 1

SIL Advisory Notice

  • Notice Number: 07
  • Notice Date: April 25, 2019
  • Distribution: SIL Area HR leaders: to send to all Unit leaders, HR leaders and Global Domain leaders


The Technical Evaluation (TE) process, including TE level 1, has been part of the HR screening process for at least 20 years. Any position listed as TE 1 required approval by an Area or Intl Domain Coordinator (DC) before the assignment could be finalized. However the circumstances that required TE Level 1 have changed in these 20 years. With these changes it has been decided that the Technical Evaluation process would not be programmed into Workday, the new HR information system. This Advisory explains this decision and the new protocol. The date of the change of system was April 15, 2019. 


Why change?

The TE level 1 process has been discontinued because with well-defined position descriptions, many of the screening decisions can be taken at the local or area level. There are exceptions to this where additional screening is required as part of the assignment process.These positions will be flagged in Workday via the Job Profile (previously known as Standard Job). At the end of this notice you will find a complete list of domains as well as the list of positions currently marked as needing additional screening. For your reference, the new list is found here. At the end of this notice you will see 1) All Language Domains; 2) All Support Domains; 3) Specific Job Profiles (Standard Jobs) that require additional screening by a DC (Area or International) as part of the requirements for assignment.

Additional screening is required for positions where SIL has significant reputational risk, child safety risks, legal risks or where international professional certifications need interpreting. These domains include Health Services, Counseling, TCK & E and Aviation. Consultants in each Domain are also listed as requiring additional screening. The people in these positions put SIL at reputational, financial, safety or child abuse risk, or risk to life (medical, mental health and aviation). These risks need mitigating by additional screening.

Eligibility for additional screening for other positions will be discussed with domain representatives in the coming weeks.

New Protocol:

  • Each position that requires additional screening is flagged in Workday with this requirement.
  • The SIL HR staff person working with the applicant for the position will contact the relevant DC with the person’s name needing additional screening. They will provide contact information and position title.
  • The SIL HR staff person will not proceed with the assignment until notification is received from the DC.
  • The DC will follow that domain’s protocol for the appropriate additional screening process, requesting/receiving required documentation, interviews, etc.
  • When the screening is completed, the DC will send the decision back to the HR Staff person.

*If the person is not approved, the HR staff person will advise the person and their sending organization of that decision.

  • If approved, the HR staff person will upload the approval email to the person’s worker profile under Certifications*

*The certification will remain attached to the person, rather than to a position. In this way, for instance, it is possible to track where consultants are even if their position title does not reflect that activity.

  • The HR Staff person will complete the assignment process in Workday.

There are open questions at this time.

The HR process has been designed and is set in Workday for ensuring people applying for a position that has additional screening are indeed screened. However, what needs to be determined by each domain coordinator and the SIL CHRO is:

  • If all positions that do have a risk impact as defined above are on the list at this time for additional screening
  • the scope of and protocol for the screening
  • which person(s) is in place for each domain to do the screening
  • how each domain chooses to support Area screening of staff taking flagged roles

Actions Requested of HR and SIL Leaders

Keith Robinson will be following this notice up with calls to all the domain group leaders to talk through these changes.

During this transition there could potentially be less screening than we might desire. All local HR leaders are asked to consult where they do not feel confident to make an appointment.

Area HR leaders are asked to consult with their Unit HR leaders to talk these changes through.

Any questions on Process please contact lynn_onken@sil.org

Any questions on the philosophy please contact Keith_Robinson@sil.org

Signed Keith Robinson CHRO

The following are for reference:

  1. Full listing of new Linguistic Domain Groups and domains
Language &Development Services(Catherine Young) Orthography Services Mike Cahill
Language and Culture Documentation Services Brenda Boerger
Dictionary & Lexicography Verna Stutzman
Community Development Catherine Young
Language Assessment John Eppele
Linguistics Mary Pearce
Literacy & Education Diane Wroge
Catherine Young
Sociolinguistics Maik Gibson
Scripture Access[Steve Quakenbush] Anthropology Julie Green
Arts & Ethnomusicology Brian Schrag
Media Services Greg Henderson
OneStory Services Nathan Payne
Scripture Engagement John Ommani
Translation Dick Kroneman
Trauma Healing Bryan Varenkamp
Language & Culture Learning Ellen Jackson
Publishing Publishing Alan Conner
Language Technology Language Technology Mike Cochran
Paul Nelson
Language Program Mgt Language Program Mgt Lois Varenkamp
Education & Training (Bibi Nedellec) Academic Programs & Partnerships Peggy Dettmer
Online Training Bonnie Henson
Consultant Development / Certification Fraser

2)  Full listing of Support Domains

Fundraising Development – Funding Eleanor Berry
Admin & HR Accounting & Finance Cynthia Smyre
Personnel Management Keith Robinson
Recruiting Keith Robinson
Learning & Development David Pattison
Health Services Jeff Stout
Mental Health Carole Posthuma
Education & Childcare Alan Farlin
Communications Communications Melody Dubois
& Marketing External & PR Melody Dubois
Management Management Executive Keith Robinson
Management General Keith Robinson
Air/Sea/Land Transport Air Craig Russell
Transport Transport Marine & Land Craig Russell
Facilities / Services Office Support Keith Robinson
Center Operations Keith Robinson
Construction/Maintenance Keith Robinson
Library/Museum/Archiving Joan Spanne
IT Information Technology Sheryl Howe

3) Listing of Standard Jobs (Job profiles in Workday) that require additional screening.

Standard Job ID Domain Name Insite Standard Job Title
681 Academic Training Academic Training Consultant
294 Anthropology Anthropology Consultant
682 Arts and Ethnomusicology Arts Consultant
288 Children’s Care & Education Boarding Home Assistant
631 Children’s Care & Education Boarding Home Parent
491 Children’s Care & Education Education Consultant (K-12)
600 Children’s Care & Education Global TCK Care & Education Associate
518 Children’s Care & Education Global TCK Care & Education Coordinator
731 Children’s Care & Education Non-Traditional Education Support Programs Coordinator – OU
589 Children’s Care & Education TCK Care & Educ Coord (Area)
592 Children’s Care & Education TCK Care & Educ Coord (OU)
622 Children’s Care & Education Youth Worker
539 Counseling Counselor I Intern
536 Counseling Counselor II
712 Counseling Counselor III
708 Dictionary & Lexicography Services Lexicography Consultant
371 Health Services Medical Doctor
321 Health Services Pharmacist
639 Language Assessment Language Assessment Consultant
697 Language Program Management Lang Program Management Consultant
696 Language Technology Language Technology Consultant
661 Language and Culture Learning Language and Culture Learning Consultant
365 Linguistics Linguistics Consultant
601 Literacy and Education Literacy and Education Consultant
615 Literacy and Education Multilingual Education Spclst/Consultant
498 Management, Executive Branch Director
376 Research Int’l Academic Consultant
607 Scripture Engagement Scripture Engagement Consultant
729 Sign Languages Sign Language Linguistics Consultant
672 Sign Languages Sign Language Survey Consultant
690 Sign Languages Sign Language Translation Consultant
603 Sociolinguistics Sociolinguistics Consultant
649 Translation Exegetical Consultant
368 Translation Translation Consultant
256 Transportation – Aviation Airport Manager
180 Transportation – Aviation Assist Int’l Aviation Coord
517 Transportation – Aviation Aviation Maint Training Coordinator
167 Transportation – Aviation Aviation Maintenance  Field Support
166 Transportation – Aviation Aviation Maintenance Manager
163 Transportation – Aviation Aviation Manager(Field)
432 Transportation – Aviation Aviation Mechanic
490 Transportation – Aviation Aviation National Training Coord
165 Transportation – Aviation Aviation Operations Manager
322 Transportation – Aviation Aviation R & D Engineer
388 Transportation – Aviation Aviation Safety Director
744 Transportation – Aviation Aviation Trainer
193 Transportation – Aviation Aviation Training Manager
451 Transportation – Aviation Avionics Technician
176 Transportation – Aviation Chief Maintenance Inspector
164 Transportation – Aviation Director of Aviation
168 Transportation – Aviation Flight Instructor
521 Transportation – Aviation Initial Flight Training Coord
182 Transportation – Aviation Int’l Coord Aviation
447 Transportation – Aviation Machinist
336 Transportation – Aviation Pilot (Chief)
341 Transportation – Aviation Pilot/Mech (Fixed wing)
342 Transportation – Aviation Pilot/Mech (Rotary-Wing)
519 Transportation – Aviation Recurrent Flight Training Coord
455 Vernacular Media Vernacular Media Consultant