24 – Child Safety Refresher Course

SIL Advisory Notice

  • Notice Number: 24
  • Notice Date: September 26, 2019
  • Distribution: SIL Area HR leaders . please forward to Unit HR departments Cc: HeRMiTs where applicable please forward to your teams.


To date, SIL Child Safeguarding  training has been available online, but outside of the HR Information System. SIL’s desire is to move all its required training into the Learning Management System that Workday contains.  It is only recently that the system is ready for use.

There is anecdotal evidence that there continues to be some confusion over who signs what, who needs which CS training – and when. Our insurance brokers are asking detailed questions about SIL’s child safeguarding provision. It is important therefore that SIL’s staff are trained and have signed the Staff Code of Conduct.



All staff who will have an assignment are required to complete the initial child safety training before beginning an assignment. Those who have not completed the training, but are in assignment are also required to complete the initial course.

All staff are required to complete refresher training every four years.

Staff who care for or teach children are required to do specialist child safety training every year.

Independent of the training, all current staff, or staff being accepted for assignment with SIL, are required to sign the Staff Behavior Code of Conduct Agreement that contains the old child safeguarding agreement statements. There are no longer two agreements related to staff behaviour. They have been combined into a single document.

Projected delivery and maintenance of these requirements

Training Management

The three required training courses will be held in Workday. The initial course will form part of the onboarding program and a person will not be permitted to enter their assignment until the course is completed.  Workday will prompt staff to complete any of the courses when they are due. Workday will record that the courses have been taken. Compliance reports can be run from Workday.

Further guidance will be forthcoming in the form of a Workday announcement to provide details of the processes.


The agreements are stored in Workday. The need to sign them will be triggered from Workday when there is a little less going on for HR departments and SIL Staff. This will include the Staff code of conduct. (Francophone Africa will have special arrangements for the CoC to comply with local legal requirements.) Just to be clear:

Previously Now (since 5/2017)
One agreement to sign SIL Child Safeguarding Agreement One combined Code of Conduct Agreement to sign
Staff behavior Statement was in place but no signature from staff was required A staff person’s agreement with how we will interact with children is now contained within the SIL Staff Behavior Code of Conduct Agreement.
Staff re-signed the SIL Child Safety Code of Conduct upon completion of the Refresher Course. All SIL Agreements are re-signed every 4 years.

NOTE: More communication will be sent to you later regarding the SIL Agreement Signing Strategy.

Actions Requested of HR and SIL Leaders

Please make yourself familiar with the process by completing the training when requested and be able to support your HR unit leaders with the questions that will no doubt be raised.

If you have questions about any of these points, please contact your Area HR in the first instance who will seek clarification from Global where needed

Keith Robinson


See below for details of how one of the three courses above is going to be released:

The SIL Child Safety Refresher Course is now ready to be managed through the Learning Management System (LMS) in Workday.

Automatic notification when the Refresher Course is due

  • All existing completion dates of the  Refresher Course have been moved from Insite to Workday.
  • The relevant frequency for taking the Refresher Course is tagged for each staff person.
  • Workday will recognize when the course should be retaken according to that frequency.
  • Workday will send an email to each staff person when the Refresher Course is due to be taken again.
  • A report is available to SIL HR that includes who has received a notification, when it was sent and the due date for completion of the course.

Accessing and completing the course in Workday LMS

  • Course registration through Patti Garretson is no longer needed for courses that are in Workday
  • The staff person receives the notification
  • The notification includes the link to Workday for the course.
  • The staff person will log in to Workday, as usual, but will then will be taken directly to the course
  • There will be written instructions on the screen for how to enroll.
  • Complete the course, following the directions in each section
  • Upon completion, the staff person will have the option of reviewing or printing out his or her answers.
  • The ‘Exit’ button is a bit difficult to find – but is in the upper right of the screen.

How the staff person’s course completion is recorded

  • When the staff person completes the course, Workday will record that date automatically in  the staff person’s record .
  • No manual uploading of completion dates is required when the course is completed within Workday.

What to do when the online option isn’t possible or staff are seconded to schools with approved child safeguarding courses.

  • The Child Safety Refresher Course may still be presented in person by a qualified provider.
  • The presenter should then provide a list to the Unit HR leader of the names of those who attended and the date(s).
  • The SIL Unit HR leader should email that list to Patti_Garretson@jaars.org.
  • Patti will ensure that the completion dates are entered into Workday.
  • HR staff should not enter the dates in Workday themselves.
  • Staff who are working in schools who have their own annual training  can be “credited” for the schools’ training, if their school’s course has been approved by Patti Garretson.