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SIL Profile

SIL Area
Anglo-Lousephone Africa
Unit Name
SIL Nigeria
Urban, Jos
Today's Date
February 15, 2020
Review Date
January 1, 2021
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Contact Information

Janice Barnhoorn
Janice Barnhoorn
Safety & Security
sally smith
Personal Risk
Stan Man
Tim Robinson
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Workforce Planning

Workforce Needs Summary

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Workforce Plan

Government Restrictions

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Country Profile

Language(s) of wider communication
Englsih, Hausa
Suggested Language Study
A person needs approx 9 months of French Study and be able to score a y7 on the language test
Required Related Training
A person need fluency level 7 before being assigned to a lnaguage team
Number of Languages
Current Language Projects
Languages without Scripture

Additional Language Background

language work is first started by contacting them

the people like to laugh and fish

The Bible is a revered book and greatly admired by the people

Living Conditions

Description of living conditions in this location

housing options are limited not at all similar to western houses

The city of Jos is blesseed with an ever improveing road network and excellent public transport. There is city water and some electricity. There are now multiple restaurants to choose from, a variety of sprots activities to engeage in and a movie theatre!

We do have maleria carrying mosquitos and other buds that bite. Houses in the city have screens over the windwos to help minimise what can get into the house. People sleep under nets, take propholaxis and use anti-bug spray to avoid bites.

The housing that is avaliable in Jos varies greatly. Everything from shared houseing through to 4 or 5 bedroom housing in a shared compound with other familes in thier own houses.

Our office is on the edge of Jos and we have 30 – 40 staff working there each day.

Jos is at 4,000ft altitude and don’t stuggle with any major weather issues (appart from Harmatam dust) nor any natural disastors. Around the edge of the plateau some communities do suffer from occasional flooding.

Generally this is not something that people are the city take into considereation.

Internet access in the city is avaliable either via the 4g(LTE) cell system or via radio link to an ISP or even via a fibre connection if you live in a place where you can connect. It is strong enough in Jos that people are able to stream movies, but it isn’t perfrect!

There is constant interuption to power and those who can afford it will have a back up gen or a battery system charged from grid power or solar panels. The cost of solar system are coming down and becoming much more affordable. Most people utilise a sespit on thise compound for sewage waste.

Cellphones and smart phones are widely used by everyone.

see above.

Jos is a developing city and has stores for consumer electronics (TV systems etc), small supoer markets, backies and coffee shops. If you are a sports fan extensive satalite TV is avalible if you desire.

Spiritual Health

Supportiveness of Christianity
Additional Factors



pictures of viloence and local news media can cause distress but mostly unavoidable.

little effort is required, it is very avaliable.

Children's Education

International Schools


Regional International Schools


Local Schools




Internet Schooling
Special Needs Schooling


Education Websites



Personal Preferences

Each person has personal preferences. This section provides information for the person considering this location so that they are aware of the context they are considering and how this may impact their personal lifestyle.



Local Church Relations

Each situation is different but culturally a church may have the following features:

Local Context

Interpersonal Skills

Description of Interpersonal skills required by SIL staff


Security and Risk

The following safety training is required or recommended:

  • Universal Training ()
  • Level I Minimum Risk Locations ()
  • Level II Moderate Risk Locations ()
  • Level III High Risk & High Stress Locations ()
  • Specialized Training for this Location ()

Unit Documentation

Evacuation Plans

Risk Assessment Profile

Attitude: Low

Parts of the local community disagree with project activities, but are unlikely to act on their disapproval.

Crime: Moderate

Crime is a moderately frequent occurrence with possible threat to foreigners.

Travel: High

Travel is dangerous most of the time and only advisable with extra external support.

Civil Unrest: Extreme

Constant regional or local civil unrest with distinctly possible threat to member.

Women's Status: Moderate

Gender inequality is not unusual and intimate partner violence is known, but publicly not acceptable.

Sexual Harassment: Low

Sexual harassment is not common, but can happen.

Ethnic Backgrounds: Moderate

A few ethnicities of a member or bi-racial SIL family could be of concern in the location; a conversation is needed.

Terrorism Status: Moderate

Frequent terrorism with possible threat to member.

Military Action: Low

Occasional military action in region with very low threat to foreigners.

Social Media: Moderate

There is a moderate risk of other agencies using social media to identify individuals putting them at some additional risk..

Children: Low

Children attract no special attention nor are considered to be at greater risk.

Food & Water: Moderate

Frequent shortages of food or potable water for short periods of time; member has some reserves that probably will meet personal needs during the shortage period.

Medical: Moderate

Slightly heightened level of medical need; medical help and supplies are regularly lacking; some needs will likely not be met.

Isolation: Moderate

Frequent difficulties in obtaining funds and instant 2-way communication with outside world; some possibility of moderate impact to local living.

Natural Disaster: Low

Minor local or regional disaster with unlikely impact on member's daily life and work and posting insignificantly low threat to member's life.

Overall Risk Rating: Moderate (1.9)