Welcome to MissionHR

The SIL International Global HR team supports this site as a way to provide a wide spectrum of HR-related resources to anyone in our family of organizations, including our partner organizations, who could benefit from having them all in one place in an easy-to-use format. Organizational login in some areas of the site is required to access certain data.

  • HR Resources and Tools

    We desire that most if not all resources needed by an HR worker in SIL or in an Alliance Organization (AO) can be found in this website. This section is the front door to these resources.

  • Recruitment

    Information in this section of the website provides recruiters access to the information that describes the field units with their environmental factors, profiles of the type of work done in Alliance and SIL (domains) and will in time will provide access to the workforce planning process and open positions.

  • Learning and Development

    Since the People Learning & Development team desires to see people like you in the Bible translation movement encouraged and flourishing, we work to provide the scaffolding for your learning and development. Check out some of your opportunities in this section of the site.

  • Care and Wellbeing

    Our vision is to see communities rooted and growing in their relationships with God and others, resilient and fruitful, joyful and diverse.

  • Security

    Part of any HR department’s responsibility is to enable its organization to keep its staff safe, to safeguard children and vulnerable adults.